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2 eggs​

2 links of sausages​

cup of coffee with an almond muffin,​

some wilted spinach in butter ​Season with ingredients that you will find on the recommended food list from your customized 10- Day Detox Program, which you will receive, following your initial assessment.                         



goat cheese

salad of your choice or vegetables 

black coffee or tea or non sugary drinks

You will not be drinking cups of water that cause you to lose electrolytes. You will be listening to your body and you will be educated to understand what your symptoms mean.


 meat, chicken, fish or any protein you can have...

1 cup green beans sautéed in butter

3 cups mixed salad with a home-made salad dressing

There is no portion control or feeling unsatisfied following your meals. 

There will be no need for Snacking! 

However, you will make breads, cakes, muffins and deserts with healthier ingredients by using your customized program.

Healthy Feels Good!

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