The entire program is based on your blood work that allows me to take a glimpse at what is causing stressors in your body, I take the time to explain this to you. Within 10 days of following the program you will experience improvement of symptoms without exercise. With lifestyle change and not guessing what is going on, the root cause of your chronic symptoms are understood and managed. Supplements will be used initially to optimize any deficits.

The 10-Day Detox Program Includes: 

  • Assessment +/- 2hours and within 24 hours a customized plan is developed and emailed to you.
  • 4x1/hour consultation to be used within 3 months.
  • 3 month's of access to me by text, email or phone. 
You may get lab work at the end of 3 months which will confirm the goals we set at the initial assessment. 
During the first 10 days...You will experience the following:
-Reduce inflammation
-Optimize nutritional deficiencies 
-Reduce toxins
-Switch off your opioid receptors (cravings)
-Optimize pH
This creates a foundation for repair to begin. We build on your progress
by integrating foods to maintain the gains achieved, whilst educating you in understanding your body.
Following the 10-Day Detox Program some clients might want further consultations and that is made available to you with the 1 hour Post Program Consultation.
NB. I do not deal with any of your medication. It's up to you to work with your doctor to wean yourself off your medications. 


Cellular Homeostasis
Improved Liver Function
Normalized Blood Sugar

Normalized Blood Pressure

Reduced Inflammation 
Improved Mental Clarity and Sharpness
Increased Energy
Controlled Appetite 
Clear Skin
Better Sleep
Reduced or Resolved Chronic Symptoms

Side effect, is Weight Loss

NB. Success in this program is determined by the individual's compliance.