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DAY 10



                      My Journey to Better Health with Rita’s 10-DAY DETOX PROGRAM


I’m a 77-year-old woman with some long-term medical issues that have contributed to

several health problems. I had a hysterectomy at age 21 for ovarian cancer. That

caused major hormonal issues for years. In my thirties I had my gallbladder removed.

As I aged; weight gain, irregularity, osteoporosis, allergies, imbalance when walking,

feet and leg numbness and sleep apnea followed. Just a few other issues from

inflammation: rosea, eczema, high blood pressure, numbness on my left side of my

body and very high triglycerides. Then last year I had three vertebrae fused in my


That is when I met with Rita. We went over my medical history and she had me order

blood work. Based on the blood test results she formulated an individually designed

plan to address my health concerns.

I can’t explain the differences in my 10 Day photos. The reduction in swelling –

inflammation in my face and throat startled me. Had I actually made that kind of

progress in 10 days? My cravings went away within three days. I was a snack person,

between meals and evening ice cream. After three days I didn’t even think about

eating between meals. My taste for sugar disappeared.

Working with Rita for these three months I have come off all my prescription

medications for triglycerides, blood pressure and cholesterol. As a side benefit I have

lost over 20 pounds as well. I was wearing a knee brace to stabilize my left knee and

I no longer need it as the program has healed that issue. My three month follow up

blood work was really revealing. My triglycerides dropped 177 points and my

cholesterol dropped 91 points! My liver functions are back to normal as well.

The follow-up X-Ray of my neck showed complete healing even though milk products

were off my list. Calcium and other vitamins and minerals were plentiful in my diet.

I can’t say enough about the one-on-one couching Rita provided to help me get to this

point. Her emphasis on real food and looking at your inter-self and the lifelong

unaddressed issues that harm your health were a major benefit to my recovery. I am

forever grateful to her and for her program. Her program is the best thing I could have

done to get to a healthier me!

JB.    MISSOURI, USA,  07/2023

Here is my 6 month update. All without cholesterol medication. I was on prescription medication for triglycerides for 10 years. I just can't say enough about this program               but my numbers say it all.

Here are the initial/3month/6month lab results.

Cholesterol     347 / 256 / 169

Triglycerides  312 / 135 / 136

HDL                 42 / 53 / 58 

LDL                 238 / 179 / 84








I am Rani and recently entered 52. I had started Rita’s program just over a year ago and never got around to write my testimonial until now. There are many myths about being healthy, exercising and eating the right foods. I looked healthy, was a small eater, took my vitamins and exercised regularly. Everyone looked at me as being healthy and well. Its only my family that I live with that saw the real me and heard my complaints at the end of each day.

The reason I signed onto the program was due to heightened exhaustion and reduced energy levels. I knew there was a reason behind this feeling, maybe it was intuition. After having my consultation with Rita, I learnt a lot more was wrong with me than I realized. 

I have an auto immune disease with the following symptoms, tiredness, lack of energy, white and bitter tongue, bloated and gassy tummy, diarrhea, joint pain, severe painful menstrual cramps with moodiness, night sweats, ulceration in nose with soreness and severe irritation and itchiness in rectal area. 

One of the main reasons behind my symptoms was my kidneys were failing. I was grateful that I was able to take care of it before I ended up on dialysis. The interpretation of my labs and the recommendations made by Rita had helped resolve all my symptoms and corrected all the abnormalities in my labs. 

Once I started the program, I learnt about foods that caused inflammation in my body and how exercise has created severe nutritional deficiency and the ineffectiveness of certain vitamins and supplements that I was taking. I realized that this was not a diet but what my body needed to repair. The program was developed on my unique chemistry. I learnt that for my body to function optimally it needed to be looked at holistically and Rita does this exceptionally well with her program. Her knowledge and education are enough to WOW you. 

Following this program reflected a savings on my monthly expenditure on food. I also love waking up energized and ready to take on each day.

I would like to emphasize one of the greatest lessons in the covid era that I have learnt from this program, and that is how vitamin C with Rosehip worked to boost my immunity. I was exposed to covid and thanks to my optimal cellular function and boosted immunity I did not get it. This is allowing me to live without fear.

I am grateful to have met Rita when she was on holiday in South Africa. Meeting Rita and signing onto her program has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I learnt the art of gratitude from her, and I am so appreciative of this. It is through gratitude that one finds Joy. Thank you, Rita, for your time and energy that you give to me. I am forever grateful. Much love… Rani.






Meeting Rita to me I believe was divine intervention from God. I was at a very low place in my life following the passing of my husband in 2019 when a friend on one of my social media platforms scheduled a zoom for a Holistic Medicine RN to come talk to us about a few health issues. Naturally being in the health field (Pharmacist), I would've easily dismissed and not attended the zoom but like I said I believe it was a divine connection. Not only did I attend but instead of being my usual silent observer in that setting I took center stage and it felt as if the zoom was for me. Right there I knew I wanted to talk to Rita one on one. I must be honest that I talked with my friend who had gone through the program already and by the end of it I was certain that I needed to do the program. When I first connected with Rita about the details and costs, I tried to get a price reduction because I felt it was too stip for me but she insisted it was an investment. It took me another month of prayers and asking God for guidance to make a final decision. Yes Rita that was a tough decision but one I don't regret and today I just want to thank you from the depths of my heart for what God did for me though you. Through your program I was able to open very painful doors in my life some of which I didn't know where places of pain and anxiety for me. The letter writing exercises were such a blessing of healing and forgiveness and deliverance.
As for the actual program itself, you educated me on how to eat right and balance my body and still enjoy it. You educated me on the foods that were not helpful and healthy for my body and through the goals we set together, at 48 years old " I FEEL LIKE A MILLION BUCKS " . I feel like I'm my 20s again, my weight is just where I wanted it to be but never could make it work, my skin glows and many people want to know what is it that I did.
I have learned to look for solutions from within rather that jumping to the fixes that I had become so accustomed to.
Most of all through your program you thought me how to center myself and through some of the help videos I have found the positive affirmations very helpful and when my mind starts allowing thoughts that are contrary to what I desire you've thought me how to use positive affirmations to challenge those.
Rita I may not accurately express through words how very grateful I am for you holding my hand though this , but I pray that you know I am very grateful.
I know with my professional and Christian background, I may have seemed resistant at times , however, some of the things you said to me helped to reshape my faith for the better. Teaching me to have child-like faith and not over think through everything.

Thank you for the hours you dedicated to sit on the phone with me even after my program ended to help me on and most especially your tips for survival during covid 19.
Rita I admire your passion ,dedication , conviction and love for what you do and as I continue on my own journey I pray that you'd hear more positive testimonies.

You're appreciated for all you do and the universe will reward you abundantly for the lives you continue to touch and transform with your unique gift.




DAY 10


My name is Tamara, I am 25 years old. I tried everything to relieve my gut pain/discomfort. I went to doctors to try to find some relief.


I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and suffered with it everyday. I noticed I kept gaining weight even though I was eating somewhat healthy and exercising every day!


I was experiencing headaches, depression/anxiety, Chest Pressure/flutters, hot flashes, swelling in my feet/fingers, shortness of breath, abdominal discomfort.bloating, diarrhea. I had a hormonal imbalance, and I felt like I was stuck and nothing was going to help me. 


Within 10 days of starting the program there was a huge Improvement in my digestion, no more diarrhea,no cramping, swelling much improved, sleeping much better and I had lots of energy.


 Within 3 months of the program I lost almost 34lbs! My abdominal pain/discomfort was gone. My headaches were gone and so was the chest pressure/flutter, and I had no more hot flashes. I felt like myself again! I did this program for myself to become the best possible self I could be and I did thanks to Rita`s help! 


My fiance was eating the same meals I was eating. He dropped 40lbs and no longer had to take Omeprazole anymore for his heart burn! Going grocery shopping got so much easier. We saved an average of almost $150 a month on our grocery expenses.  Working one on one with Rita, helped me learn about my body. This customized program helped me understand what was causing inflammation in my body and how it was affectecting life. Learning what was causing the inflammation and curing it naturally by changing what I consumed. I have never felt better! All abnormalities in my lab work were corrected during this 3 month program! You can not put a price on your health! Thank you Rita for all of your help and your knowledge! 

TAMARA    LAS VEGAS, NV, USA.       05/2021

I am a 50 year old vegetarian. I would like to share my success story on the 10-day Detox Program. I had back surgery 7 years prior to  starting this program. Since starting this program I have not needed to use my Implanted, nerve stimulator for pain. Within 2 months of starting the program, I weaned and stopped the Neurontin that I was prescribe for nerve pain. I also stopped taking any pain medications. I did not work for seven years after having back surgery. I went back to work as a ICU nurse, working 12 hour shifts being able to lift over 50 lbs since starting the program. 

Within the first 10 days of the program these were the symptoms that were resolved.

  • Migraine 

  • Dizziness 

  • Heartburn

  • Indigestion

  • Acid reflux

  • Abdominal bloating

  • Night sweats 

  • Mood swings

  • Tiredness

  • No longer sleepy after meals

  • No more bruising on my arms and legs 

  • I am no longer forgetful. 

  • Thinking much clearer, no fogginess.

  • Blood sugar normal in 3 days.



Other symptoms that I saw significantly improved were:

  • Pain - no longer using the nerve stimulator, off Neurontin and all narcotics. 

  • My sleep improved.

  • Change in my appearance - looking younger. 

  • Cholesterol went from 339 to 257 down 82 points and LDL 241 to 171 down 70 points.

  • I had bruising all over my body Platelets 701 to 526 down 175 points 

  • No more kidney stones Calcium oxalates no longer in my urine test 

  • I was on steroid injections for pain prior to the program and I am now starting to loosing the weight.


NB. I listed only a few of my lab abnormalities just to give you an idea of the significant improvements you can receive if you feel like you’ve tired everything. These improvement were evaluated in 3 months of starting the program. I am learning how my body works! 


I want to make a difference and especially want to talk about Menopause.

Knowing other women around my age going through menopause, I thought it befitting that I put my testimonial up so that women who are thinking twice about doing this program can be assured that with the right diet they will also see these remarkable benefits. I tried multiple supplements and diets without results, and lots of money wasted. 

I contacted Rita, who as usual, was very eager to help get my health back on track. After going through my lab work, she explained what was the cause of my pathology/symptoms. Developed a program that addressed all my chemical imbalances and explained the reasons for the treatment plan.

(Not the usual you hear, “eat a healthy diet and exercise” I should mention that, on this program there is no exercise. Once you are well she will let you know what you can do. During the 3 months that she works with you, you will learn about your body and how to treat it right. You are able to ask her any question during the consultations and during the 3 month period. She  responds in a timely manner.)

The program is custom to each person and you will start experiencing results almost immediately. 

Rita, through her program has taught me to be more aware of my body and showed me through awareness subtle changes that occurs in my body and what they mean. By following Rita’s plan and being cognizant of my emotions and body’s needs I have seen my health improve and am no longer on any medications. I feel like I got a new lease on life.   

Thank you Rita! 


My name is Mimi and I am a retired, 74 year-old woman

who has been following the treatment provided by RN Holistic Health Coach for over one year. I am a person who likes to make sure that a product works before I suggest it to others, so I waited until I had past the one year mark before writing this success story.


When I started the program, I had just completed a year of many trips to doctors and hospitals and was diagnosed with 30+ illnesses by a distinguished University Hospital. My balance difficulty required me to walk with a cane, my arthritic and digestive pain were tremendous, I was on numerous prescriptions and had been receiving steroid injections on my spine, neck, and shoulders. My thinking was fuzzy, at best, and my organizational skills inadequate. I was unable to drive without severe pain.


The program seemed to work within 7 days and I was able to function with less medication, without a cane, and was soon able to drive. I immediately looked much younger, dropped 2 sizes, (although only lost 7 pounds), and started exercising again.


Nonetheless, being a skeptical person, I kept on the healthy eating and sleeping program. The benefits continued to multiple: my thinking became much clearer than it had been for years. My energy level became that of a 40 year old and my sleep more restful—and even my dreams became more tranquil.


Did I say that my medical bills were reduced by over $100,000 over the previous year? Well, that benefitted my health insurers directly and me indirectly in that I didn’t spend days of my life traveling to and from appointments, sitting in waiting rooms being exposed to who knows what, and taking treatments which were no longer necessary to keep me functioning.


In that year, I learned to care for my own health needs by listening to my body, feeding it the natural medicine of healthy food, and getting the right amount of sleep and exercise. I have driven 1000’s of miles by myself, walked many miles, and when I do feel “sick”, learned to counteract negative behaviors (like not always eating the right things for me) with the many lessons learned in the program.


And lastly, not only do I feel better, my lab changes were phenomenal. My internist who had been seeing me four times a year for the last several years has changed me to a once a year schedule. I am on the least medication I have been on for over 24 years and have spent a year without physical or occupational therapy or seeing any medical specialists. I love being my best and so will you.

MIMI  MICHIGAN, USA. 12/26/2018

I am 59 years old and I met Rita through a friend that had seen wonderful improvement after woking with her. I had a near-fatal auto accident 10 years prior and suffered a permanent spinal cord injury as well as a traumatic brain injury and numerous blunt force traumas. I had reached a point where not only had my condition plateaued, but had begun to worsen due to lack of sleep, digestive distress, and constant nerve pain and loss of sensation throughout my body. My quality of life frankly sucked!

I was skeptical as I had tried every treatment available including Chinese medicine and a number of alternative therapies on top of standard allopathic protocols and medications. I had been conscious of my diet since the early ‘80s and had practiced macrobiotics and intermittent fasting but I never really felt that I knew what was best for MY body.

The attention to detail that Rita employs is truly astounding. I learned more about physiology in one sitting than I had learned over my entire lifetime! She caters a program to your specific needs based on information gleaned from extensive blood-work testing as well as from intensive discussion about lifestyle and even emotional trauma. She is basically on-call for you for the duration of your treatment. Above all, Rita truly cares and sincerely wants you to improve - she is a deeply compassionate person as evidenced by her enthusiasm and heartfelt concern.

The biggest improvement I experienced was with my sleep. I had not had any meaningful, restorative sleep for over a decade and I was seeing a steady decline in my ability to concentrate as well as a distinct loss of memory. This affected my moods, as well as, obviously, my ability to derive any enjoyment from my life. Constant leg and body spasms in the evening as well as the constant nerve pain made sleep impossible (and yes, I tried every sleep hygiene method, drug and natural remedy out there) and though I am a positive person by nature and have been meditating seriously for 40 years, I had an underlying depression that was difficult to ignore.

I started sleeping a bit better after about 3-4 days and after 2 1/2 months of strictly following her diet and lifestyle guidelines I began to experience the kind of restorative sleep that I had forgotten was possible. With my condition I need to continue to follow these guidelines as I notice an immediate difference when I stray but the sacrifice is well worth it. By maintaining a stress-free lifestyle and a disciplined approach while being cognizant of finding a balance of not trying to do too much (my nature!) I have been able to get consistent sleep.

My digestion improved almost immediately. I was experiencing horrible constipation - often a week without a bowel movement - but as long as I stick with the program I am as regular as clockwork. Somehow with this program one’s hunger levels are reduced and though you can eat 3 meals a day with little or no physical activity, you shed pounds like melted butter. I’m not a big guy by any means but I had added about 20-25 lbs after my accident that I couldn’t lose but in 3 months I was at my pre-accident weight.

My pain levels and loss of sensation have not improved but with sleep and lifestyle changes it is a lot more manageable - Rita believes that over time and with restorative sleep, these should improve as well.

If you suffer from any kind of chronic condition, do yourself a favor and at least consult with Rita as she explains everything in great detail (sometimes too much - sorry Rita ;-), and in my opinion, the cost is well worth it.

S.C.  MICHIGAN, USA  10/2018


DAY 1 


10 DAYS 




My name is Maxine, when I started this program I was 60 years old. Tried multiple diets and even had a gastric sleeve 4 years prior and continued to put on weight. 

I was diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol and was over weight.

My doctor was going to start me on meds for diabetes and cholesterol. I was already on meds for high blood pressure. I asked him to delay prescribing the meds and started this program and he was surprised at my results in 12 days when I went to see him. 

I was experiencing  tingling and numbness in my finger, swelling of my feet, restless legs at night, knee pain, indigestion, acid reflux, abdominal bloating, dark circles around my eyes with discoloration of ankles and elbows. 


Within 10 days of starting the program there was a 75% Improvement in digestion, no more acid reflux, no cramping, no restless legs, swelling much improved, sleeping much better and had lots of energy.

Knee pain, tingling and numbness was reduced to more than 50%. Lost 14 LBS and my fasting blood sugar was  80-90 within 10 days.


Within 3 months of the program I was no longer diabetic, my A1C down to 5.5 and my cholesterol down to 213 without medication. I lost 48 LBS and continued to lose weight as the months went on. I have lost a total of 56 LBS and no longer on any meds for high blood pressure.


I just turned 61 years old and I am much more active and healthier than when I was 60. Working one on one with Rita I learnt about my body and what those lab results meant. This is a customized program that helped me understand what was causing inflammation in my body and how it affected my overall health. I learnt what my symptoms meant and what I can do to naturally reverse them, using food.

MAXINE S.   FLORIDA, USA   09/2018

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